offers to generate company names, with a simple and clean design that facilitates navigation. For each search, the Internet user enters a keyword. The tool generates original and creative names by adding a prefix and a suffix. It is therefore better to focus on a search with a single short word, or even a root, to obtain an impactful name. For each search, the user receives 180 name proposals for his future business. The research is indeed free, but conditional on the registration of an email address.


Shopify integrates a business name generator into its e-commerce platform. After typing a query of one or more words, 100 company names containing the words from the query appear. Shopify’s business name generator is primarily aimed at e-commerce sellers. If an online store creator finds a company or brand name that suits him, he can continue his process on the site. Shopify indeed offers, in its paid options, the possibility of reserving a domain name and creating your own online store.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator is a keyword based business name generator. The site creates variations by adding another word before or after. What sets it apart from most other online tools is the ability to filter the results. The user can thus refine his search according to the main activity of his company and indicate whether he wants the keyword to appear at the beginning or at the end of the name. If several names seem interesting, he can create a list of ideas to share on social networks or to save when sending an email. To go further, Business Name Generator also offers to view the available domain names and to make the reservation on the GoDaddy platform.


Id2nom and its generator of company names refine the results according to three filters: the composition of the name desired by the entrepreneur, the consonance or a keyword. Once the name is found, Id2nom allows you to go to the end of the identity creation process with the creation of an online logo, the verification of the availability of the brand and the name and domain name. The Id2nom site works in part thanks to crowdfunding. Although free, the entrepreneur who finds the name of his future company can therefore make a donation.


GoDaddy is a cloud platform for creating a website, hosting it and reserving the domain name for your business. Accessible in French, GoDaddy provides a tool for generating domain names. The user enters several keywords and the artificial intelligence does the rest. The algorithm thus proposes different roots and extensions of domain names available. As on the other generators, the research to find a business name is free before going to the stage of purchasing the domain name.


The Oberlo e-commerce platform works the same as Shopify. The entrepreneur who wishes to launch his online store can create his site there, sell his products and manage his stocks. Some of Oberlo’s free tools include a slogan generator, logo maker, and company name generator. The interface of this feature is minimalist: all you have to do is enter a keyword that represents your activity. If a proposal appears to be the correct one, the user will need to create an Oberlo account to access additional brand name and domain name availability search tools.


Naminum is a tool that searches for company names using one or more keywords. Only available in English, the Internet user can however choose the language of the results according to his target. It will obtain a list of simple words, including a suffix or a prefix to the entered keyword. The results are then declined with the possibility of adding a syllable to obtain a longer name. Naminum is a product with interesting features, but which may lack clarity compared to other generators. Like Business Name Generator, Naminum allows you to find a business name and buy a domain name through the GoDaddy site.


The WordPress platform is not limited to the creation of websites. It offers a business name generator among its free features. From a single keyword, the site displays original English-sounding proposals. Worpress stands out thanks to its global offer. The user can thus find a name for his company, choose and reserve the associated domain name, launch the creation of his site and manage the hosting.


Wordoid is a company name generator that is distinguished by the filters available to the Internet user: language, place of the keyword in the name, length, display of available domain names. Searches can be saved by creating an account on Wordoid. The site is in English, the design less flattering and the navigation less intuitive than on other generators. However, the name proposals are original and the search criteria remain a plus.


Namelix is a complete and user- friendly company name generator. On this site, research is carried out in three stages: entering a keyword, choosing the length of the name and the style. The tool uses artificial intelligence to display the results in the form of logos. The visual aspect allows a better appropriation and a projection for the entrepreneur in search of a company name. Each logo is clickable and allows you to view different graphic variations of the brand. The Internet user then has the option of making changes to the proposed logo. While the search is free, Namelix also offers paid options such as purchasing the logo and a domain name.


Novanym is allows the user to obtain unique and evocative company names. Significant time savings: Novanym, available in English, lists only brand or company names whose domain name is available with the .com extension. The Internet user enters a keyword then selects his sector of activity and the desired style of name. The results are displayed with three associated logos. The Internet user can then create their selection of favorites and buy a pack, from around € 1,300 to € 3,500. The price includes the purchase of the copyright, the domain name and one of the three logos.


Squadhelp combines artificial intelligence and a community of creatives. This generator, available in English only, starts by asking the type of activity of the company. Then, where other sites are based on a keyword, Squadhelp asks the user to select their favorite visuals from a list related to the activity. According to this selection, the algorithm will refine its results and propose names with logos. The Internet user can then buy the domain name and the logo associated with the brand. The prices remain quite high, however. Another originality, this platform also allows to launch a contest with a community of creatives and graphic designers (4 formulas from $ 299 to $ 999).


Namemesh is more of a domain name generator. However, it can be a source of inspiration thanks to its system of categorizing results. To find a business name, the Internet user enters a keyword and obtains results sorted by category: common, similar, new, short, fun, AI, extra, SEO, mix and premium. The site is in English and only displays the domain names available. If the user clicks on one of the proposals, Namemesh sends them back to the Bluehost site to make the reservation. The site also indicates the brand’s availability on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

To go more straightforward, download =this business plan template and formalize your projects.

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